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Shaun the Sheep Brain Games(APK v2.0.5)

<p>Released last year, The Westport Independent tasks you with running a newspaper within a totalitarian dictatorship. The interesting game is currently available for £0.99 / $0.99 on the App Store.</p><p>Under the watchful eye of government minders, you must choose the contents of your paper's articles, influencing the actions of the paper and the events of the story through the information you spread.</p><p>While not as effective as similar titles such as Papers, Please, Westport Independent earned a Bronze Award for its unique and thoughtful approach to its subject matter.</p><p>You can purchase The Westport Independent for iPad and iPhone.</p>.

GAME NAME Shaun the Sheep Brain Games

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com.sigmateam.Shaun the Sheep Brain

mGamer(MOD (High Damage/HP/Defense, No Ads) v1.25.0):

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