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<p>Fortnite’s 5.4 update went live today, and it’s been making waves with a hefty list of updates that will be changing the way you play the game - for the better. Players now have access to a fun new gadget, and the High Stakes event has officially kicked off, making for a busy weekend for Fortnite fans.</p><p>Epic Games introduced the Grappler this week, a special grappling gun that allows you to fling yourself from point to point with ease for quick travel. The Grappler introduces new ways for you to explore the battlefield, which should make for some interesting strategies in the heat of the moment.</p><p>We've already walked you through the High Stakes and Getaway events added in 5.4, but Epic Games is also implementing a bunch of fixes behind the scenes. A variety of weapons are getting re-balanced, and the Android version of the game has been optimized, so it should play much better after the patch.</p><p>You can catch up on all of the changes in the patch notes over on Epic Games’ website. Fortnite is free to play on Switch and iOS, and you can also now register for the Android beta.</p>.

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