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<p>Shadowblood is a dark fantasy ARPG which'll shortly be arriving on iOS and Android.</p><p>Take up arms in the Diablo-like Shadowblood as you battle your way through each level, conquering dungeons and defeating the bosses. It sounds easy like that but don't be fooled, there're plenty of deadly challenges and monsters waiting for you on your journey.</p><p>Choose between three unique classes: the Archer, the Assassin, or the Berserk, and several game modes. From the Campaign mode (100 levels of increasing difficulty) to the Bloody Battlefield mode (real-time 1v1 PvP), you can earn rewards and coin to customise and upgrade your chosen hero.</p><p>Though there's no specific date set just yet, Shadowblood is slated to release in mid-January. If you can't wait to find out more, make sure to pre-register to get your hands on some awesome in-game gifts come launch day.</p>.

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